Every detail in your wedding is very important, the wedding dress, the food, the flowers and of course the choice of the photographer who will immortalize your spceial moment, a task that is very important considering this is a memory for a lifetime. A photographic report is essential and can’t be missed on the day of a wedding.

That’s why you must have in mind certain details when choosing your wedding photographer, such as, his style and have a first contact and know him, that there is a feeling so that the big day everything flows. It’s important to be clear about how you want the photos of your wedding to be; the place where the photos will be taken and something very important is the weather. Everything has to be dreamed. This day will mark your life and that’s why everything has to go perfectly.

This day with Phillipe and Jennet, there was a lot of rain, however, the light was incredible. Clean and pure light, my favorite, although not the rain. I spoke with Phillipe to distract him from the rain, and that’s when he told me his story with Jennet, 21 years of anniversary and they wanted to renew their vows in Punta Cana accompanied by a couple they met a year ago in Mexico. Long lasting love lived history. How lucky I am to capture such a beautiful story.